Rigid, Kinesiology and Active taping which is beneficial for treatment and rehabilitation of joints, soft tissue injuries and dysfunctions

There are three types of taping available at AiA Sports Therapies for treatment and rehabilitation of joints, soft tissue injuries and dysfunctions. Varieties of taping/strapping include Rigid, Kinesiology and Active taping.  Each type of taping has a unique purpose, and is very beneficial in reducing and managing injuries.


Rigid Taping is used for providing support to joints requiring stability, preventing or reducing injuries, reducing pain, assisting clients during rehabilitation or when needing postural support. Rigid taping can be used to aid recovery of ankle and wrist sprains or shoulder injuries to name a few.  Rigid tape is adhesive and contains latex and zinc oxide.

Kinesiology Taping is fabulous for improving blood flow, enhancing joint positioning, proprioception and balance. Kinesiology tape can increase lymphatic drainage, decrease pain and swelling, plus support healing and recovery. Kinesiology taping is great for “corkies” and various soft tissue injuries.  Kinesiology tape is low allergy adhesive tape and does not contain latex or zinc oxide.

Active Taping is used for deloading muscles and is an excellent choice of taping to assist athletes returning to sport after rehabilitation. Active tape is multidirectional which allows full range of motion during movement and is fantastic for hamstring, quadriceps and upper body muscle strains.  Active tape is low allergy adhesive tape and does not contain latex or zinc oxide, and is applied to support functional movement.