Services available at AiA Sports Therapies

Racing, training or getting back into sport and activities?

Take time to look after yourself, improve movement and manage injuries through sports therapy.  We provide a variety of sports and remedial therapies, taping/strapping for joint and soft tissue injury management and rehabilitation to assist your return to training and competition.  Cupping is available which is beneficial for improving soft tissue and reducing scarring after injury.

Sports therapy can support you through all stages from training to competition, help reduce the risk of injury, support recovery during rehabilitation, assist your return to sport and personal development.

We also provide functional movement screening (FMS) to identify asymmetries, weakness, imbalances and limitations to improve your functional movement and help reduce the risk of injury.

Whether you need sports therapy, remedial or soft tissue therapy, taping, cupping, or functional movement screening, we can provide the right service for you.  We use a variety of methods and techniques ensuring we provide the best treatment tailored for your needs.

Phone Ann to discuss your sports therapy needs.

Refer to sports therapy, taping/strapping, cupping and functional movement screening (FMS) pages for more information.


There are three types of taping available at AiA Sports Therapies for treatment and rehabilitation of joint and soft tissue injuries.

Varieties of taping/strapping include Rigid, Kinesiology and Active taping.  Each type of taping has a unique purpose, and is very beneficial in reducing and managing injuries.

Refer to Taping/Strapping page for more information.


We use different types of cupping, including myofascial cupping, static and flash cupping. The most commonly used type of cupping is myofascial cupping for the treatment of soft tissue conditions and dysfunctions.

There are many benefits derived from using cupping during treatments which include; assisting soft tissue repair after injury by reducing adhesions and scarring, increasing blood circulation and improving metabolism. Cupping can reduce shoulder, back and neck pain and assist in the recovery of sports injuries.  Cupping nourishes the skin and supports general health.

Cupping is available as a 30 minute treatment.