Functional Movement 

How efficiently do you move?  Are you using compensatory movement patterns?

Do you get screened pre-season, inter-season, post-season or when returning to sport or activities after rehabilitation?

Functional movement screening (FMS) is extremely beneficial for athletes and active people at all stages of training or competition.  Athletes participating in football, soccer, running, triathlon, netball, body building, tennis, cricket, volleyball and numerous other sports benefit from FMS by setting your baseline to correct movement patterns where needed, which can help prevent injuries.

Functional movement screening is facilitated by the use of an FMS kit and sets your baseline.

Functional movement screening is comprised of various bodyweight movement tests to identify imbalances, weaknesses, asymmetries, limitations and deficiencies within movement patterns, plus assesses motor control of upper and lower body.

Based upon screening results, we provide corrective exercise to correct your movement pattern and help prepare you for training, development through to performance.  Team and group screening packages available.

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