Sports Therapies in Victoria

At AiA Sports therapies, we support active people and athletes to achieve their goals through freedom of mobility.  We can assist you by providing sports and remedial therapies for musculoskeletal conditions and injuries; helping you to keep active, help reduce the risk of injury and support performance.

We treat people of all ages with sports, remedial, and soft tissue therapy, including amateur, elite and professional athletes competing in sport at all levels such as; football, netball, cycling, basketball, soccer, short and long distance running, triathlons, body building, boxing, mixed martial arts to name a few.  We provide remedial and soft tissue therapy to assist people with mobility for undertaking their activities of daily living.

We provide sports therapy, remedial and soft tissue therapy, taping/strapping and cupping for injury management and rehabilitation.

Sports therapy is beneficial for active people and athletes of all skill levels during competition and off-seasons. Ann is a qualified and dedicated sports therapist with experience in injury prevention and management, taping/strapping, cupping, functional screening, and sports therapy; supporting active people and athletes by keeping their body in optimal condition.  “Achieve your goals through freedom of mobility”

Contact Ann to arrange your sports therapy needs.

Mobile number  0407 237 123


Ann has numerous connections and can refer you to sports related professionals for additional support if needed.

Refer to sports therapy, taping/strapping, cupping and functional movement screening (FMS) pages for more information.